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Wilks & Wilsonʼs hand-crafted, organic infused and all natural elixirs, though also meant for use in non-alcoholic beverages, cooking and coffee, are intended for use in cocktails.
Adelaideʼs Orgeat

Its rich, nutty flavour is used to enhance many cocktails–perhaps the most famous of which is the Mai Tai. Orgeat can also be combine with soda water to create a delectable almond-flavoured Italian Soda.



Genevieveʼs Grenadine


A pomegranate-based elixir.

Gertrudeʼs Gomme

Gomme elixir is an ingredient commonly used in mixed drinks. It can also be used as a sweetener for coffee. It's made with organic ingredients and particularly shines in spirits-forward cocktails.



Giovannaʼs Ginger Simple
Wilks & Wilson takes juice from American ginger and combines it with sugar and water to create a spicy, sweet mixer.
Millicentʼs Lime Mint Simple
Fresh mint, lime zest and lime juice, when combined with the thick, silky texture of our simple syrup, make this a wonderfully rich, yet refreshing, mixer for several cocktail.
Penelope’s Pineapple Gomme
A perfect mix of excitement and sweetness.
Rosabelle’s Raspberry Gomme
Raspberry Gomme is a sweet elixir thickened with gum acacia and flavoured with the bright taste of raspberries.
Sir Teddyʼs Tonic
A delicious base for mixing tonic water.
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