You might be surprised at some of the flavorful and healthy exotic food recipes you can try, whether tasty appetizers from the Caribbean or soups and salads from Asia.  At Organic Boutique, we pride ourselves on our wide selection to complement your meal.  Here are a few of our favourites, be sure to visit us to see what's new!


The BLiS Gourmet line consists of bourbon barrel aged sauces and wild caught domestic roes handcrafted in Grand Rapids.


An opulent condiment with a deep violet hue from the Limousin region of south central France.


Hand chopped, chunky vegetables are packed into this traditional pickle with a medley of spices. This adds colour & intense flavour to cheese, cold cuts & salads.

Gluten free, nut free & vegetarian.


Collitali pastas are made only from natural ingredients (bran and water), and contain no coloring or flavoring. The distinct color of the pastas are derived naturally from the vegetables. The pastas are drawn in old bronze drawplates and dies which gives the pasta its rustic look and traditional shapes, but also yields a rougher, more porous texture allowing pasta sauces to adhere better.