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The Organic Boutique is an independent neighborhood ‘Fine Food’, shop specializing in Bitters, Fresh Herbs & Spices, as well as many other ‘Specialty Products.  The scents, sounds and overall calming atmosphere combine with our in house Espresso & Juice Bar create a welcome oasis in the west downtown Toronto.


 Owner and Exotic Food specialist, Steve Tracy, opened his shop in 2003 and has always sought out the freshest & highest quality organic herbs and products, and for those 'Mixology Specialists, you'll be pleasantly surprised with his collection of rare and hard to fine Bitters & Tonics


Steve's commitment extends beyond the merchandise as he strives to empower and educate people regarding a better quality of life, using herbs and natural remedies, as well as providing other products & resources care for the community.


 Steve has always valued sustainable earth-friendly business practices and has consistently supported small local companies.  I’m sure you’ll find this little gem as welcoming as the locals in this neighborhood have.

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